Welcoming Event——Nice to meet you,MEers!
Posted by:     Time:2018-10-11

ag真人,AG真人游戏,ag真人游戏官方网站On the afternoon of September 28th, the New Student Orientation and Welcoming Event for the International Students of School of Mechanical Engineering was held at the Boya Hall of Guangbiao Building. The event was organized by the International Students Union of the School of Mechanical Engineering. There were totally over 30 international students participating in the event, including the members of MEISU.At the beginning, Zach, the host of the event, expressed a warm welcome to the new international students. 

Noman, the president of MEISU delivered a speech, he made a comprehensive introduction of MEISU in three aspects: the background of the establishment, the organization structure and the duties of various departments. He said MEISU would be committed to building a platform for communication and provide international students with good service.Moreover, Noman also shared his insights about the study life at SJTU from the perspective of a PhD student. In addition to expanding their circle of friends, they should actively integrate into their own research team and communicate with the students of the research group to continuously improve themselves.

ag真人,AG真人游戏,ag真人游戏官方网站 The outstanding international graduate student, Sikandar, was invited to share his student experience in SJTU. He talked how he successfully obtained his degree as an international student and stayed in Shanghai for work, and summarized his experience.

In addition to the experience exchange, the students played some interesting games together and enjoyed music performance, which brought by Ariful and his friend. 


The success of this event not only provided an opportunity for foreign students to know each other, deepened their understanding of each other and helped them adjust the new environment as soon as possible, but also laid a good foundation for the communications between the international students and Chinese students.

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