Academic workshop for school of mechanical engineering international students was successfully held
Posted by:     Time:2018-11-30

“Research made easy and tips to study abroad”,an academic workshop organized by MEISU was successfully held in Room F210, ME Building, at 2 p.m., Nov. 30. The workshop attracted dozens of international and Chinese students and the room was packed. There are three invited speakers here: Taufeeq Ur Rehman Abbasi、Randolph Osivue Odekhe and Md. Mahbubur Rahman. Mayibongwe Tlutliso Nyathi, acts as the moderator of the program and gave a brief introduction of each of the speakers before each talk.

Taufeeq Ur Rehman Abbasi, as the first speaker, shared his experience and gave four valuable suggestions for newcomers to do research: to consider previous research work, to start research earlier, to make own research direction and to create a good relation with supervisor. Especially, he mentioned the significance of attending international conference where one can benefit a lot while interacting with top researchers in his or her field. 

Randolph Osivue Odekhe started his speech with a series of genius discoveries/inventions in history that did not go through well at the very start. He pointed out that failures like rejection from a journal or even discrimination are common behind genius achievements. Moreover, he got to the point and introduced several useful tools about plagiarism check, reference management and paper writing. 

ag真人,AG真人游戏,ag真人游戏官方网站 Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, the third speaker, encouraged a further study. He first pointed out the importance of going abroad for further education, and made a comparison between China and other countries in terms of language, funds, program duration and living status. Then he sincerely shared about choice of different countries, steps to an application, tips or key points during preparation and so forth.

ag真人,AG真人游戏,ag真人游戏官方网站 When it came to Q&A, the three speakers answered students’ questions and doubts in detail such as “How to balance research assignment and obligatory course” and “What’s the necessity to use citation managers” and so on. At last, Augustus, President of the international students association, summarized the sharing meeting and thanked people for coming.

The academic workshop aimed at helping ME international students to do research more easily and guide them on the right path working on research. The three speakers’ wonderful experiences will greatly inspire and motivate ME international students to finish their studies smoothly and to pursue a bright future.


                                                   Writing:Li RuoZhang
  Photo:Li YunZhou, Toriqul 

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